This is the presentation given by Enlighten Scientific owner John F Miller at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in Boston on 23 August 2018. It is the first public talk about Enlighten Scientific’s ground-breaking Next Generation Electrophoretic Light Scattering system (NG-ELS) that surpasses any available commercial instrument for measuring ever-increasingly important high ionic strength samples with previously unobtainable accuracy and confidence. Key applications include intravenous and topical therapies, wastewater treatment, and desalination. Zeta potential distributions – not just phase analysis values – can be made up to 4M ionic strength. NG-ELS represents the first truly significant advance in zeta potential measurement via light scattering since John invented phase analysis light scattering (PALS) thirty years ago!

Slides with notes (PDF)

Transcript (PDF)

Transcript (web-page)


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