Overwhelmed and under-resourced to carried out critical investigations, such as failures during formal stability studies? Or root cause investigations due to significant manufacturing failures?

Do you have to compromise experimental designs due to lack of resources?

Do politics get in the way of sound investigations?

I can help.

I design efficient, robust and powerful experiments for applications that include small benchtop studies, method development, stability campaigns, and full-scale manufacturing root cause investigations.

I ensure that the designs consider the physical nature of the study, not just idealized textbook designs.

I use multiple tools to analyze data, including Microsoft Excel, SAS JMP, and bespoke programs written in Visual Basic and Python.

I find patterns in complex data sets that have eluded others and I do so quickly, even for products and processes that I have not encountered before.

I can interrogate your data and help establish a way forward with your development and manufacturing challenges.