I have significant knowledge and experience of conceiving and developing novel instruments for characterizing a range of subjects. For example, I invented Phase Analysis Light Scattering which has become the de facto method of measuring electrophoretic mobility and zeta potential of colloidal suspensions. This innovation pushed the resolving power of electrophoretic light scattering by three orders of magnitude thereby opening up the ability to determine the zeta potential of particles in hydrocarbons and highly viscous liquids.

Light scattering Colloids
Image analysis Aerosols
Wide application Time saving
Bespoke software Unmet needs

Other instruments include a streaming potential apparatus for probing the surface electrostatic properties of micronized powders in a pressurized hydrofluorocarbon liquid, an inexpensive instrument to quantify powder flow and study how mixing of two or more powders evolves with time, an inexpensive instrument to measure the direction of a spray emitted from a nozzle, and a timing device to analyze and optimize the manual shaking process for collecting doses from metered-dose inhalers. Most of these examples share common features: inexpensive compared to existing methods, address unmet needs, require bespoke software, and conceived by me independently. I am highly skilled in writing high performance software applications often incorporating low level hardware communication and novel algorithms that can give more information than can be achieved traditionally. I have a strong track record of gaining significant insight into complex issues whether they relate to products, processes or analysis of supply chain variability.

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